Gereja Protestan di Indonesia Bagian Barat – Bukit Benuas

Jalan Syarifudin Yoes
Gang Duatan Baru Sakai No. 83 - RT 45
Kec. Balikpapan Selatan, Kel. Sepinggan Baru
Kode Pos 76115
1. No.Rek BNI a.n GPIB Jemaat Bukit Benuas : 014 125 9941 (Pelayanan); 2. No Rek BNI a.n. GPIB Jemaat Bukit Benuas: 0319264146 (Panitia Pembangunan); 3. No Rek BNI a.n. GPIB Jemaat Bukit Benuas: 60605554433 (Diakonia Kedukaan)

Ibadah Minggu I: 06:00 (ditiadakan), Ibadah Minggu II: 09:00 , Ibadah Minggu III: 18:00 Phone: +62 8510 0028 896/(0542) 8870020 Email:

How to Select Digital Data Rooms

Using a electronic data room is an efficient way in order to keep company’s info safe. These types of rooms can be used for a wide range of industries, which include investment banking, legal, taxes, and THIS. Using a virtual data room helps to ensure profound results to review docs and ensures that you are showing sensitive info in a protected environment.

In the current global demand, businesses sometimes work together to produce products, production them, and gives services. For that reason, they talk about confidential files with one another. Many businesses have office buildings in different locations and time zones. Using a virtual data area allows them to promote documents without the need for to journey to present them.

When picking a VDR, you will need to choose a carrier that can expand with your organization. For instance, values Solutions is usually an ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 certified provider, and may be tested by simply leading managers and lawyers. They also offer a protect vault and SOC 1 or 2 authorized data centers. They also have exact access regulations.

Another important characteristic to consider is the ability to track activities, especially during sell-side M&A transactions. These details is especially useful during fundraising and reliability audits.

A VDR should likewise be simple to operate and have quickly implementation. The training course must also involve fail-safe steps. In addition , there has to always be continuous technical support. Choosing a provider with a solid reputation might ensure that your data is secure.

Another important component to consider is rates. The cost of a virtual info room depends on the amount of data that you decide to upload. Also, it is determined by the quantity of users which is to be using the computer software. Some sellers offer an unlimited-use subscription, that makes the cost much less onerous meant for large institutions.

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Jalan Kol. Syarifudin Yoes
Gang Duatan Baru Sakai No. 83 – RT 45
Kec. Balikpapan Selatan, Kel. Sepinggan Baru
Kode Pos 76115

Jam Kerja:
Selasa-Sabtu pukul 08:00-17:00 wita.
Senin dan HARI LIBUR NASIONAL – kantor tutup

085100028896 (HP Kantor Majelis Jemaat)
(0542) 8870020 (Telepone Kantor Majelis Jemaat)




Masa ini dirayakan 7 minggu berturut-turut sebelum Paskah *). Prapaskah merupakan masa penyadaran diri dan pertobatan.
Manusia berdosa menerima anugerah keselamatan melalui kematian dan pengorbanan KRISTUS di salib dan diundang untuk
menerima kehidupan yang baru.
Warna dasar : Ungu Tua
Lambang/Logo : Ikan (ICHTUS)
Warna pinggir ikan dan huruf : Kuning
Arti :
Tanda ini merupakan suatu sandi rahasia di kalangan orang Kristen mula-mula yang mengalami penganiayaan; sehingga untuk
menandai diri mereka sebagai orang-orang yang percaya kepada YESUS dipergunakan lambang ikan ini, yang dalam bahas Yunani
“IXOUS’ (Ichtus) yang berarti ikan, tetapi secara hurufiah merupakan suatu singkatan dari YESUS KRISTUS, ANAK ALLAH,