Gereja Protestan di Indonesia Bagian Barat – Bukit Benuas

Jalan Syarifudin Yoes
Gang Duatan Baru Sakai No. 83 - RT 45
Kec. Balikpapan Selatan, Kel. Sepinggan Baru
Kode Pos 76115
1. No.Rek BNI a.n GPIB Jemaat Bukit Benuas : 014 125 9941 (Pelayanan); 2. No Rek BNI a.n. GPIB Jemaat Bukit Benuas: 0319264146 (Panitia Pembangunan); 3. No Rek BNI a.n. GPIB Jemaat Bukit Benuas: 60605554433 (Diakonia Kedukaan)

Ibadah Minggu I: 06:00 (ditiadakan), Ibadah Minggu II: 09:00 , Ibadah Minggu III: 18:00 Phone: +62 8510 0028 896/(0542) 8870020 Email:

Online dating Safety Hints Advice

Internet dating essential safety tips information include staying careful to hold contact information non-public. If you satisfy someone over a dating site and find out they are not whom they say they are, it is important to leave instantly. You can also statement them to the dating service if you believe uncomfortable with their behavior. Its also wise to avoid writing any financial or information that is personal with them. Additionally, it is important to stay away from sending close photos or videos. It is also possible for somebody to use this info to blackmail you or acquire your money.

Online dating safety points hints and tips should include by using a screen term that is not too personal. This can include not including your last name, social networking account includes, or speak to details. You should also examine whether the person you are matching with features other accounts on other websites. Any time they have, this can make that easier for a stranger to steal your personality or keep tabs on you down in real life. Likewise, never share your personal details, like your address, function phone number, or email address.

While many free dating applications have reliability features, you must still use caution. Beware of scams, web attacks, and violent crimes. You need to be careful to analyze your potential times. You can check all their Facebook or Twitter profile, and also check their very own public information. You can even conduct a Google search and look up any warning.

Another tip is to permit a friend find out where that you simply get together your online match. Make sure that you are within a public place and don’t connect with your time frame in a home. In addition, you can text the friend where you are going and who you are meeting. Also, set a period and date to evaluate in with your brand new date.

Online dating programs are becoming a hugely popular method to find allure. However , additionally it is high-risk, as you aren’t alone. Using an online dating application puts you in danger of info theft, harassment, scams, and even physical harm. Drinking be cautious mail order bride cost about mailing any private information and revealing your personal information to an unfamiliar person.

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Jalan Kol. Syarifudin Yoes
Gang Duatan Baru Sakai No. 83 – RT 45
Kec. Balikpapan Selatan, Kel. Sepinggan Baru
Kode Pos 76115

Jam Kerja:
Selasa-Sabtu pukul 08:00-17:00 wita.
Senin dan HARI LIBUR NASIONAL – kantor tutup

085100028896 (HP Kantor Majelis Jemaat)
(0542) 8870020 (Telepone Kantor Majelis Jemaat)




Masa ini dirayakan 7 minggu berturut-turut sebelum Paskah *). Prapaskah merupakan masa penyadaran diri dan pertobatan.
Manusia berdosa menerima anugerah keselamatan melalui kematian dan pengorbanan KRISTUS di salib dan diundang untuk
menerima kehidupan yang baru.
Warna dasar : Ungu Tua
Lambang/Logo : Ikan (ICHTUS)
Warna pinggir ikan dan huruf : Kuning
Arti :
Tanda ini merupakan suatu sandi rahasia di kalangan orang Kristen mula-mula yang mengalami penganiayaan; sehingga untuk
menandai diri mereka sebagai orang-orang yang percaya kepada YESUS dipergunakan lambang ikan ini, yang dalam bahas Yunani
“IXOUS’ (Ichtus) yang berarti ikan, tetapi secara hurufiah merupakan suatu singkatan dari YESUS KRISTUS, ANAK ALLAH,